Customer Testimonials

  • Marlyn M. - Cambridge, MA

    “You should know that I love Halsbrook - my very favorite shopping source. I love your lines and your customer care is fabulous. (And yes, I tell everyone I know how great you are - which is true. I know of nothing remotely comparable.)”

  • Kim G. - Little Rock, AR

    “For busy women like me (a physician) in smaller cities and fewer shopping opportunities, you are truly perfect. I don't have time to shop, so you all do the curating and styling for me. So much better than sites like Neimans.”

  • Anne W. - Washington, DC

    “I think Halsbrook has a well edited and appealing selection of merchandise. It has introduced me to brands (like Serpui Marie -- love the clutch!!) that I haven't encountered in DC. The service is excellent, and I really appreciate the styling suggestions.”

  • Toni G. - Beverly Farms, MA

    “Your team gets A+++++ for customer service!”

  • Linda H. – Myerstown, PA

    “I have mentioned your wonderful website to several of my friends. We all enjoy the fashion forward approach, on trend but not too trendy, classic, with today’s styles included. Being in our mid, to late 50’s, it becomes more tricky to remain stylish, and not look like a walking midlife crisis.”

  • Christina L. – Winchester, MA

    “I love Halsbrook! One of my friends said that everyone needed to use Halsbrook because the outfits are put together and people don’t know how to do it. The items are gorgeous and I’m very pleased. Thanks for being there for me and all of us!”

  • Margaret L. – Atlanta, GA

    “My shopping experience at Halsbrook has always been positive and I look forward to receiving my packages. You make shopping easy and stress free and I appreciate it.”

  • Kristin R. – Sanibel, FL

    “I truly enjoy viewing the chic choices you make and the great lengths you go to in photographing and accessorizing your pieces. Attractive and classy!”

  • Elyse P. - Emeryville, CA

    “And let me personally thank you for a truly wonderful shopping site with great options and AMAZING customer service!!! I have recommended your site to many, many friends. I love working with you and your team!”

  • Anne H. – West Grove, PA

    “It is always a pleasure to shop from your site! You have interesting choices and wonderful service.”

  • Nancy A. - Salem, VA

    “I just want to tell you that you have become my go to place for fashion. I love your selections and have been totally satisfied with everything I, fit, quality. The Broussard necklace is a huge hit regardless of when I wear it for instance! And, I love the travelogues. Today's fall edition is especially lovely. Thank you for a unique and delightful way to shop. I travel a lot so it's helpful to think about the proverbial what do I pack! Thanks!!”

  • Terri L. - Rockford, IL

    “I look forward to ordering things from you in the future. You have such 'just right' things.”

  • Teresa D. - Austin, TX

    “I adore shopping on Halsbrook. Your selection is truly curated, you have introduced me to amazing designers I didn't know, you carry items I haven't been able to find anywhere else, and I've been able to discard a lot of items that no longer fit my life or age (47). I have been rebuilding my wardrobe the last year almost exclusively from Halsbrook. I love that most items are made in the US, Italy, or France. It has been a joy getting dressed this season! I am just so happy that Halsbrook exists to serve women like me.”

  • Kirsten M. - Hillsborough, CA

    “I find that Halsbrook is usually great for styles that are classic enough for someone my age but still updated and attractive”

  • Lisa C. - San Jose, CA

    “Such great service. Thanks. You guys are the Nordstroms of online shopping!”

  • Cheryl S. - Ennis, TX

    “I enjoy shopping at Halsbrook! Especially enjoy the On Approval service as trying on for fit is critical.”

  • Beverly B. - West Hartford, CT

    “I have always been so pleased with the items that I have purchased from Halsbrook. Your buyers have a keen eye for style, a look of elegance, and quality. I have passed your website on to several friends, and I will continue to do so. Your company is very impressive.”

  • Barb M. – Indianapolis, IN

    “Thanks for offering a much needed shopping resource for those of us over 40 and still loving fashion.”

  • Lydia B. – Water Mill, NY

    “I previously shopped a lot on Net-a-Porter, but a lot of their merchandise is too high fashion and/or too expensive for my lifestyle. You are my new favorite shopping site… Thanks!”

  • Heather S. – Sterling, MA

    “Where have you been all my life? I am a Fortune 100 senior executive constantly on the hunt for great clothes. I hunt and peck through other sites, but you have my favorites and some I’ve just discovered, but the entire site is to my taste.”

  • Karene I. – Short Hills, NJ

    “I like the fact that the site is carefully curated and the outfit suggestions are terrific.”

  • Margaret H. – Richardson, TX

    “I have enjoyed shopping at Halsbrook. Always helpful when I have questions about the items I want to purchase.”

  • Ann C. – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    “I really enjoy my emails from Halsbrook and look forward to the styling of your outfits. I will continue to shop at Halsbrook, with such great products and service.”

  • Theresa O. - Austin, TX

    “The shopping experience is great - the site does feel truly curated, you make returns very easy, your descriptions of the items are very accurate, and I love the Style Guide and videos. I noticed the site has been made mobile-friendly recently, so that's great. You're my favorite place to shop now. It is SO hard to find beautiful, quality clothes for my age group (I'm 47). Halsbrook is filling a great need and you have me as a loyal customer.”